Theodore "Ted" Kord

Full Name

Theodore Stephen Kord


Ted, Blue Beetle, Edward?


August/Chicago, Illinois

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High School Canon Edit

Background Edit

Ted is that kid who's too smart to be in school, but too lazy to really apply himself. He's not taken all too seriously, given his strangeness and rather hopeless laugh. However, he's known for coming from a rather well to do family, and being the kid who almost had to retake the sixth grade because of his sick days. Ted has a rather severe heart condition that he needs to take medication for.

Personality Edit

A clever young man, light hearted but prone to being sarcastic. Ted knows he's smarter than just about everyone at school, but does not act it, in fact, he makes a conscious decision to act stupid on purpose. He's terribly easygoing, having learned to blow off bullying more or less by laughing it off, or by passive aggressively getting revenge on them later.


Ted's best friend in the entire world is Booster, the two lagomorphs are inseparable, and finish each other's sentences. There are many rumors going about that perhaps they are in a homosexual relationship.

Currently, Ted is actually seeing fellow student Kara. Much to the surprise of the student body, and to Booster's chagrin. Ted had a crush on Kara since the 6th grade.

Every Friday Night, Ted, Dan, Anthony and to a lesser extent, Walter, meet to play Dungeons and Dragons, or World of Warcraft. Ted does not care much for Anthony, and has gotten in school suspension for fighting with the student teacher.

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Anthro Edit

Ted is an adorable cottontail rabbit. He does not appreciate being called a bunny. In the winter, he's known for getting a bit pudgey, but he's one of the few students at the school who does not go nuts during the spring.